Q.P.I. Group: the technology house for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

The development and production of PCBs: that’s Q.P.I.’s business. Everyone who wants to have a PCB made can choose from the wide range of services and products that we have to offer. We can deliver just the PCB or the PCB design, or take care of the complete PCB realisation process from start to finish, including project management. 



  • Fast prototyping. You have an idea for an electronic circuit and want to be able to test whether your idea works as quickly as possible. We take care of the PCB design and the production of prototypes, including organizing the rapid hand assembly of the components. The focus is on short lead times and high quality.
  • Special PCBs. You want to make a PCB but you have special requirements. For example, the PCB must fit in a very tight enclosure, special materials must be used or the PCB must be able to withstand extreme vibrations, moisture or temperatures. Q.P.I. has a team of top specialists at the ready, who’ll think with you to arrive at a suitable solution. The focus is on finding the best solution for your PCB challenge, whatever it takes.
  • High volume. Making high volumes of PCBs makes special demands on the production line and the logistics and quality control systems. This is in safe hands at Q.P.I. You can let us design the PCB or supply us with your own lay-out design. Our CAM engineers assess the design for manufacturability, so that the optimum production line can be chosen for manufacturing your PCB. The focus is on process management, quality control and on-time delivery at an attractive price.


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October 4, 2018, CRACOW


October 2-5, 2018, Utrecht

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The Q.P.I. Group:

  • Has know-how about the latest electronics and PCB technologies
  • Has expertise in using practically every PCB design package and can interface perfectly with your design software
  • Works with qualified production lines that are audited by Q.P.I. and FineLine on a very regular basis
  • Has its own research lab for quality and metallurgical testing of PCBs and PCBAs
  • Is ISO 9001 certified and if needed can deliver PCBs with additional certifications, such as ISO/TS 16949
  • Being part of FineLine Global has access to the worldwide most competitive and technologically capable PCB production lines.
  • Has built up an excellent reputation in many markets
  • Is a one-stop-shop that can provide services during every stage of the PCB realisation process, including complete project management


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