The Q.P.I. Group activities

Q.P.I. was founded in 1988 and since then has grown into an expert in the field of printed circuit board technology and design. Q.P.I. is member of FineLine Global Group and have representatives in among others Poland and Romania.

PCB Technology

Q.P.I. has a laboratory in Helmond, which support the development process and carry out quality research. Q.P.I. has a large number of production facilities in Europe and Asia where PCBs are manufactured. Right from the earliest stages during the preparation of the quotation an assessment is made as to which production line is the most suitable for actually producing an order. Important factors in this assessment include the technical complexity and reliability of the product, the required delivery date and the expected volumes. Each of the production facilities has its own specific strengths and by allocating the production line at this early stage every Q.P.I. product is always manufactured on the most appropriate production line. Although the various production lines have their own strengths and characteristics they have a number of common features:

  • An excellent quality system and leading in their specific field.
  • Q.P.I. monitors the quality and a large number of other parameters by means of a stringent audit system.
  • Integrated in Q.P.I.’s logistics system so that our customers are optimally supplied independent of the production line location.

Q.P.I. strives to meet all the needs of its customers and that’s why new technological developments and applications are industrialised as soon as the need arises. Due to the dynamic nature of the interconnection business our industrial base is expanding continuously.


Q.P.I. offers customised PCB design solutions. In total Q.P.I. uses more than ten professional PCB design packages including Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Zuken and Altium. The PCB designer can carry out his work on location or at Q.P.I.’s design centre. 
When designing PCBs Q.P.I. makes use of extensive component libraries. These component libraries are also available to third parties.

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