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organisation_qpi_2017_en The Q.P.I. Group is part of the world wide operating FineLine Global group. FineLine Global has operations in among others Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Scandinavia, United States of America, Israel, Russia, Italy, Switzerland and in China. 

Guangzhou Fastprint Circuit Technology Co. Ltd. is the majority shareholder of  FineLine Global. Fastprint has PCB manufacturing capabilities on campuses in Guangzhou, Yixing Jiangsu Province, in the United Kingdom and in the United Stated of America. 


Due to the merge of Q.P.I. Group B.V. and Q.P.I. Group Holding B.V. is our registration number and VAT number changed per January 1, 2017

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Q.P.I. Group B.V.
Q.P.I. Group B.V.