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Christmas - New Year



Q.P.I. is closed between Christmas and New Year. The European printing industry is closed as well between Christmas and New Year. This period is often used for major maintenance and installation of new processes. Production outside Europe continues and delivery times are not affected.



Chinese New Year


The Chinese New Year is celebrated extensively in China. Therefore, many companies are closed for a number of days. In 2018 the period is from 15 to 23 February. Such a long period of time affects the delivery times of the products due to the reduced number of available working days. Contact us if there are any questions regarding the planning and delivery of the products.


Delivery of products from China



Some background information concerning the unbalance. The traditional end of year peak caused by among others Thanksgiving and Christmas is this year more severe due the need for capacity to ship the new I-phones, the upswing in the world economy and issues with a couple of carriers. Typical the last in combination with the winter schedule of many carriers turn out to cause this critical situation. Also is observed that due to slow steaming of ocean freight, air freight is more often chosen.


 For the transport by air from Hong Kong, Q.P.I. makes only use of main carriers like Air France and KLM. The carriers are chosen based on the reputation and the fact that they have direct flights from Hong Kong to Amsterdam, being the best guarantee for on time deliveries. Nevertheless recent developments in the market do make it more and more a challenge to ship the products without any delay.   

Although the end of the year often shows increase in demand for transport, this year due to several issues the demand and the supply are rather in unbalance. This unbalance is seen throughout the complete industry. It is expected that this situation will last till the Chinese New Year starting mid February 2018.   

What will Q.P.I. do to mitigate the situation? Together with its forwarder Q.P.I. will try to keep the original forwarding scheme and in case of delay try to minimize it. Also every option to optimize the transport will be used to avoid delays in the delivery of the goods.  In the latter case we will focus to communicate towards our customers in the best possible way. Due to the hectic and the short notice on which information becomes available this is a real challenge for everyone. 

Calculation of WD in in case of holidays in various countries

In case of a day is a holiday in the period of the lead-time, this day will not count as a working day. The delivery time based on calendar days will thus be longer. Single holidays are not mentioned in the overview.

Europa production
Cross out day

China production
Cross out day

Israel production
Cross out day

25-dec-2017 Christmas
26-dec-2017 Christmas
27-dec-2017 Christmas holiday
28-dec-2017 Christmas holiday
29-dec-2017 Christmas holiday


01-jan-2018 New year

















26-dec-18 Christmas
27-dec-18 Christmas holiday
28-dec-18 Christmas holiday
31-dec-18 Christmas holiday

15-feb-18 spring festival
16-feb-18 spring festival
17-feb-18 spring festival
19-feb-18 spring festival
20-feb-18 spring festival
21-feb-18 spring festival
22-feb-18 holiday
23-feb-18 holiday
24-feb-18 holiday

05-apr-18 Tomb Sweeping
06-apr-18 Tomb Sweeping
07-apr-18 Tomb Sweeping

01-may-18 Labor day

16-jun-18 Dragon boat
18-jun-18 Dragon boat

23-sep-18 Mid autumn
24-sep-18 Mid autumn

01-oct-18 National Holiday
02-oct-18 National Holiday
03-oct-18 National Holiday
04-oct-18 National Holiday
05-oct-18 National Holiday
06-oct-18 National Holiday







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