Q.P.I. assembles prototype printed circuit boards and test boards. In many cases these are very complex products. Assembly of every type of board is possible including those which use exotic substrates. The responsibility for the assembly is in the hands of specialists who know how to assemble complex PCBs with ESD sensitive components. 

When it comes to prototypes, speed is very important. Within a couple of working days we can give you a quotation.




The Q.P.I. Modelshop did support the Dutch Solar Challenge team of the Tu/e technical university  with the assembly of PCBs. 



ipc_logo_610certspe_2c-1The Q.P.I. assembly specialists are IPC A-610 certified. The assembly workshop is fitted with measures to prevent damage due to electrostatic discharge (ESD). The workbenches have microscopes, advanced soldering stations suitable for small SMD components  and units to extract solder fumes.

Depending on the type of printed circuit board a completely manual process may be chosen or a dispense master or vapour phase machine may be used. Work inspections, according IPC-A-610, play an important role in ensuring that a high-quality product is produced. The average lead time is 3-5 days.

Responsible for the complete process

To guarantee a quality product, Q.P.I. always uses Q.P.I. printed circuit boards for assembly. Q.P.I. doesn’t have placement machines so if several printed circuit boards are required then an assembly company is a better solution. Q.P.I. can support the organisation of this type of production.
Component acquisition is an important part of the model shop’s work as timely acquisition helps to guarantee a quick turnaround time. The products are packaged professionally and ESD-safe for delivery.

Assembly carriers
Stretch, Stretch rigid

Assembly components
Through hole components
SMD Components 01005, 0201

Production Aids
Stencil printer (semi-automatic)
BGA placer (semi-automatic)
Wire bond machine (semi-automatic)
Vapour Phase machine
Dispense master
Cleaning machine

Visual inspection system
3D X-Ray inspection system
Inspection in accordance with IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies

RoHS2  compatible leadfree
On request PbSn 

mixed component assembly
Test board assembly
small flex rigid assembly
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