fineline_qpi_edaFineline QPI has many years of experience in the field of the PCB design of the most diverse types of products. Fineline QPI’s PCB design specialists are not only experienced in using a wide range of PCB design software packages, they also have a lot of experience with the issues of EMC and Signal Integrity. They have a lot of know-how when it comes to production processes and the requirements that a design must satisfy for optimum manufacturability and ease of assembly. This is know-how that the Fineline QPI designers use to guarantee you the quality that you’re accustomed to from Fineline QPI. A Pre DfM check guarantees optimal producibility. Fineline QPI has PCB designers in the Netherlands and Belgium which means it is very flexible when it comes to PCB designs and the component library service. Fineline QPI will completely adapt to suit your preferred way of working. It’s your choice.

Based on the number of hours worked. Fineline QPIcomes to you and our PCB designers sit beside your developers so that they can work together to realise the optimum solution.
Based on the number of hours worked. The Fineline QPI PCB design specialist works from our PCB Design Centre.
Based on a quotation. Fineline QPI gives you a quotation for making a PCB design based on the circuit diagram you supply. You can choose to have the design made at the Fineline QPI design centre or at your location.
onemorethingFineline QPI can also arrange the manufacturing and delivery of the printed circuit boards. Not just the Gerber files.

Always a quality product

optimal-pcb-design2Good quality PCB designs are essential for realising reliable electronic circuits. Good footprints form the basis for this. The Fineline QPI PCB designer has access to the extensive Fineline QPI libraries with components that are compliant with IPC-7351 Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Design. All Fineline QPI PCB designers are trained to use the lay-out packages they work with and have a lot of experience with PCB design, but also with issues like EMC and SI. Most of Fineline QPI’s PCB designers have experience of working with different PCB design programs. The construction of a printed circuit board and the way in which it is manufactured are essential for guaranteeing reliable electronic circuits. The Fineline QPI PCB designers are familiar with the latest PCB manufacturing techniques and production options, so that an extremely reliable product can be guaranteed. If there are very specific questions, the PCB designer can consult with Fineline QPI’s printed circuit board developers. And, of course, while designing the PCB, assembly aspects are taken into consideration such as the optimum component placement, the location and number of fiducials and the use of solder dams.

Overview of the PCB-Design programs in use

PCB-Design packageNetherlandsEurope
Zuken Cadstar
Zuken Visula

Zuken CR-5000
Cadence Allegro
Cadence Orcad
Mentor Graphics Pads XE-ARS Suite
Mentor Graphics Expedition
Mentor Graphics DX Designer
Altium Designer


The Fineline QPI PCB designers have access to extensive libraries with thousands of footprints and additional component information, all of which is IPC-7351 compliant. This helps to speed up the design process, reduce the chance of errors and, as such, results in a better quality product.
The names of the components in the Fineline QPI library are such that an assembly company using the BoM (Bill of Materials) of the design can order the components directly. A specification overview is given for each component.

Library management

Fineline QPI can also manage your libraries. Please contact us for further information.

Using the Fineline QPI component library

If you’re making your own design Fineline QPIcan support you too. Our component library system is accessible for Fineline QPI customers. This offers the customer considerable savings on making the required footprints, BoMs and reduces the chances of errors occurring.

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