Altium Designer

altiumFineline QPI designers use for creating layouts and diagrams among others Altium Designer. Altium Designer is a modern layout package that fits well with the demand for electronic products that are smarter, smaller, and more reliable. Also with Altium Designer complex designs can be made very efficient. Altium monitors the changes in electronic product development constantly. Altium Designer therefor is the first complete development environment that facilitates all the necessary technologies and capabilities for a complete electronic product development. Altium Designer brings the development of PCB, FPGA, SoPC (system-on-programmable chip), Embedded Software and CAM outputs together in one unified design environment.

Altium Designer includes:

  • Schematic drawing (Fineline QPI)
  • PCB layout (Fineline QPI)
  • Library management (Fineline QPI)
  • High speed draft (Fineline QPI)
  • Documentation (Fineline QPI)
  • 3D verification and design rule checking (interference checks) (Fineline QPI)
  • Version maintenance 
  • Project management
  • Spice simulation
  • Vendor independent FPGA design
  • CAM output (including penalization)

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