Component libraries

If the Bill of Materials provided upon completion of a PCB design doesn’t contain sufficient information for production and logistics this may adversely affect the lead time. Using standardised footprints which contain all the information about the component specification and placement is very advantageous. The Fineline QPI component library was developed specifically for this purpose.

As a consequence of the great diversity of PCB design packages that Fineline QPI uses, in combination with the lack of international standards, the need arose for a centralised component library management system for use in particular by a number of our internationally operating customers. This centralised information can be used by Fineline QPI PCB designers when the customer wants its own database to be used. By using specialised software, Fineline QPI can currently manage customer specific libraries too.

component_database5The IPC-7351 compliant component libraries that were developed by Fineline QPI are based on a centralised Fineline QPI parts management system that connects the schematic, the PCB design, the BoM and the logistics. The electrical symbols are defined in accordance with the IEC 60617 standard. Using this library has simplified the communications between all those involved from the design phase right up to and including the production phase. This also applies to the organisation of customer support for a product.

Using the Fineline QPI components library

componentdatabase2Fineline QPI can tailor its agreements with you about the use of the Fineline QPI libraries to suit your specific requirements. These requirements may apply to the set-up of the parts library, the availability of the associated schematic symbols and/or footprints for a particular software application, the initial filling of the library and the expected number of components that is required per month. Based on this information Fineline QPI can make a Service Level Agreement with you. For further information please fill in the contact form and Fineline QPI will contact you.

Using the Fineline QPI components library service delivers an integral cost reduction due to the ready availability of all the necessary information and by facilitating clear communications between all the partners in the product lifecycle.

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