PCB Technology

As a "Complete solution provider" Fineline QPI offers a very wide range of PCB technologies.
Detailed information about the “off-the shelf” possibilities for the various different PCB technologies is available on their specific pages.
However, as a "Complete solution provider", Fineline QPI goes further than using the normal capability matrix as a guideline for manufacturable technologies. Fineline QPI always strives to provide its clients with the products and the technologies that they need, and if they don’t exist already, Fineline QPI will develop them itself or in cooperation with the client.
In addition, the Fineline QPI can offer you support in making the optimum choice for your interconnection challenge.

Fineline QPI offers a complete PCB technology package



Fineline QPI can offer prototype deliveries with very short delivery times and Fineline QPI can  deliver high volumes cost effectively. 

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