Flex-Rigid PCBs

A Flex-Rigid is a printed circuit board that consists of parts that are flexible and parts that are rigid. The flex-rigid board can be completely tailored to suit the application requirements with various options for the type of vias that are used, the materials and the track widths.

Flex-Rigid has many advantages

  • Very reliable interconnections
  • A rigid part for mounting the components, a flexible part for the movement
  • Connections without connectors, space-saving and very reliable
  • Simplified assembly due to flexibility and lack of extra connector connections
  • Due to the integrated interconnection no risk of incorrect assembly. This can be specifically used to prevent incorrect assembly during maintenance work
  • Many options for impedance controlled tracks; impedance control can be realised in both the rigid and the flex parts

The long list of advantages far outweighs the extra costs of flex-rigid PCBs and, by making optimum use of the panel, these extra costs can be greatly reduced.

Flex-Rigid possibilities

Fineline QPI can offer a wide range of possibilities in the field of flex-rigids. However as a design/development centre for printed circuit board technology, Fineline QPI doesn’t use the standard capability matrix as a guideline for manufacturable technologies. Fineline QPI always strives to provide its clients with the products and the technologies that they need, and if they don’t exist already, Fineline QPI will develop them itself or in cooperation with the client.

Delivery times from 5-10 workings days. 
Detailed specifications for flex-rigid PCBs   specblad-1


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