Flexible PCBs

Is a flexible construction required; is the assembly complicated; are there several mounting surfaces: in all these cases a flexible printed circuit board is an excellent solution. Fineline QPI can supply a wide range of printed circuit boards; single layer, multilayer, with different substrate materials and material thicknesses and with very small track-gap distances.

A good design means reliability

During the design phase a lot can be done to achieve an optimum flex circuit design. By avoiding the use of sharp corners it’s possible to prevent the substrate from splitting. If the copper tracks have a radius, concentrated points of mechanical stress can be avoided and this reduces the chances of breaks occurring in the copper track. If a design is made with soldered components then it’s important to reinforce the soldered location to avoid mechanically loading the solder joint. When using a NiAu finish one needs to bear in mind the limited flexibility due to the brittleness of the Ni layer.

Standard custom-made products

A multitude of materials is available for constructing flex circuits. Many constructions are built in a standard way. Choosing standard materials is an economical choice and means quick delivery times as these standard materials are usually in stock.
If the design requires specific materials or thicknesses of materials then Fineline QPI is the ideal partner for the realisation of the design.

LayerThickness optionsFrequently used thicknesses
Flex base thicknesses25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150µm25, 50µm
Copper thicknesses12, 18, 35, 70, 105µm18, 35µm
Acrylic or epoxy based coating 25, 50, 75µm75µm


Delivery times from 3-5 days.

Detailed specifications for flexible printed circuit boardspecblad-1


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