Multilayer Rigid PCB

The rigid PCB is by far the most frequently used printed circuit board and Fineline QPI has a very wide range of options for rigid printed circuit boards. The options include the use of various different types of materials, the combined use of different materials in one design, the use of microvia constructions with blind and buried vias, the use of via-on-via constructions and copper- or resin-filled vias. Fineline QPI is not only a specialist in the quick delivery of complicated multilayer PCBs (HDI and VHDI) but can also deliver products for large series productions, whether they are complicated PCBs or simple multilayers.

Every PCB is special

Fineline QPI does its utmost to guarantee that a quality product is delivered. This begins by offering support in the design phase. The printed circuit board data files are carefully verified before the production preparation begins. In this early phase any issues are discussed with the customer and solved.
Production is subject to stringent quality controls and printed circuit boards are inspected in Fineline QPI’s laboratory before being delivered to the customer. The Fineline QPI printed circuit board is a secure foundation upon which to build further.

Is complicated expensive?

A complicated printed circuit board doesn’t have to be more expensive than a printed circuit board that is constructed using a simple technology. By choosing the right construction and making use of blind and buried vias it may be possible to save so many layers and so much printed circuit board area that the complicated board actually works out to be the cheaper solution. These factors must be taken into consideration during the lay-out phase.

Custom-made products

Printed circuit boards are custom made products. All the possible combinations of substrates, copper thicknesses, track widths and types of vias mean that every printed circuit board is unique. The Fineline QPI engineers are specialists who will gladly support you to arrive at the optimum design. If specific characteristics or properties are required then Fineline QPI can develop a customised solution.
The Fineline QPI. organisation is geared to quick delivery. Single/double sided boards can be delivered within 24 hours, and multilayers within 48 hours.

Large volumes can be delivered with attractive lead times too.

Detailed specifications of multilayer PCBs  specblad-1


For multilayer PCBs several base materials are possible, among others from Arlon ®, Isola ®, iTEQ ®, King Board ®, Nelco ®,  Panasonic ®, Rogers ®, Shengyi ®, Taconic ®, Technolam ® depending on the application. Also, combinations of materials are possible, for example in high-frequency applications. Surface finish options include:

Hot air solder level
Immersion Ni/Au (Enig)
Immersion Ni/Pd/Au (Enepig)
Immersion Sn 
Immersion Ag
Entek (OSP) 

Information concerning the application of surfaces finishes


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