Fineline QPI is ISO 9001:2015 certified and qualified, and subjects its production partners to very stringent audits of their quality systems. ISO 9001 qualification is the standard. Almost all of the production partners have an environmental certification in accordance with ISO 14001 or a quality system which also covers the environmental aspects. Fineline QPI also audits the working conditions of its production partners. A large number of the production partners are ISO/OHSAS 18001 certified.

Specification structureFor PCB quality assurance, Fineline QPI uses the IPC standard IPC-A600, augmented with specific Fineline QPI requirements. Specific customer requirements are defined in customer specifications. Specific product requirements are defined in the product specification.
With respect to the product specific or organisational requirements, printed circuit boards can be supplied in accordance with UL94V0, ISO/TS 16949, MIL-P-55110, MIL-P-50884, QS9000, AEC-Q100 and AS9100.

PCBs are RoHS and REACH compliant as standard.

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