Fineline QPI wants to be the best and most customer friendly solution provider in its field and, as such, continuously and systematically monitors and improves the quality of its products and processes. Our aim is to have satisfied customers, satisfied employees and sustainable, positive business results.

lrqaFineline QPI has a quality system in which the organisation, processes, procedures, tasks, responsibilities and authorisations are described in line with the company’s vision and mission. The operational processes of all of the business units are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
Fineline QPI has set itself the goal of always delivering on, and preferably surpassing, its promises, and expects the same commitment from its suppliers. 

ipc-coAs a member of the IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries), Q.P.I makes use of the IPC standards as the basis for the manufacture of its products. Specific customer requirements are honoured and documented in a customer specification.

Printed Circuit Boards

genesisFineline QPI uses the CAM engineering tool Genesis 2000 for checking the ODB/Gerber files at the end of the PCB design phase and during PCB engineering and production. Together with strict agreements about the specifications and processes this is the best guarantee for a fault-free PCB.
The production processes are qualified and are checked on a regular basis by means of periodic audits. These audits include an assessment of the logistical processes, which are essential for supplying high quality products on time.
Verification that the products satisfy the customer specific requirements as well as the general IPC standards is carried out in Fineline QPI’s laboratory. Among the equipment available for product inspection are an optical inspection system and a 3D X-ray machine. Before the first delivery of a product, extensive testing and reporting can be carried out.

PCB Design

pcd-design1Fineline QPI knows like no other company that a good PCB design can strongly affect both the product performance and the production process. That’s why it uses feedback from the PCB engineering, production and assembly departments to further increase the expertise in the field of PCB lay-out. To ensure the optimum use of the advanced PCB design packages that are used, Fineline QPI PCB designers receive regular training.
Fineline QPI makes use of a systematically structured universal components library in combination with several PCB design packages. Using an extensive checklist procedure, the PCB is checked before delivery to the customer.

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