After sales

Fineline QPIs service doesn’t stop after a product has been delivered. Fineline QPI believes in the importance of aftercare and support. Q.P.I.’s After Sales department is responsible for this service. This department can help you with questions about the product and can also carry out analyses. Fineline QPI always uses the 8D reporting method for these analyses. Using this system the whole production chain can be analysed and if necessary changes can be made to the production process.

Printed Circuit Board Processing

When it comes to processing printed circuit boards it’s important to choose the right type of finish and to make good preparations for the actual assembly.
The finish on a printed circuit board has a limited shelf life, the length of which is dependent on the type of finish that is used. After this "expiration date" it’s possible that during the processing of the printed circuit board the solder joints made will not be as good. This is why Fineline QPI always advises to process the printed circuit boards within the given shelf life of the finish used. You can download an overview here.

It’s important during preparation to dry the printed circuit boards. A lot of substrate materials are naturally hygroscopic, which means that the material absorbs moisture. Due to the rapid heating during the soldering process this moisture cannot escape from the substrate quickly enough. The vapour that arises then causes a very large internal pressure in the printed circuit board. These forces are so great that they can cause physical damage to the printed circuit board. Fineline QPI has set-up a drying specification that can be downloaded here.

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