Fineline QPI has a large number of production facilities in Europe, Asia and America. Right from the earliest stages during the preparation of the quotation an assessment is made as to which production line is the most suitable for actually producing an order. Important factors in this assessment include the technical complexity and reliability of the product, the required delivery date and the expected volumes. Each of the production facilities has its own specific strengths and by allocating the most suitable production line at this early stage an optimum product can be made in the optimum time for the lowest costs.
The Fineline QPI production lines matrix is defined on the basis of volume, product types, product complexity and any specific production qualifications such as MIL specifications, or automotive or aerospace certifications. The production lines differ from each other in their different focus on product, volume and delivery times. The production lines also have some common characteristics including an excellent quality system that is strictly audited by Fineline QPI and integrated in Fineline QPIs logistics system so that our customers are optimally supplied.

Prototype and volume

Totally different production set-ups are required depending on whether you are manufacturing prototypes or large volumes of printed circuit boards. However Fineline QPI can supply prototypes with very short lead times as well as very efficiently supplying large volumes. This is possible because of the use of several specialised production lines. However if the prototypes have to be manufactured on the same production line this can be arranged too. First Article reports can be made as required.


seatransportOn-time delivery of the correct volume of good quality printed circuit boards is very important. Fineline QPI understands this like no other company and has a logistics department that takes care of these deliveries itself or in cooperation with specialised professional couriers. Fineline QPI is geared for worldwide delivery of its products. Fineline QPI in Hong Kong can take care of a direct delivery of printed circuit boards to companies in Asia, Europe or America. Both air and sea freight are possible, as is a combination of the two. If you prefer to use your own logistics partner this is possible too of course.

In the case of call-off orders Fineline QPI can take care of the professional storage of the printed circuit boards, bearing in mind the storage specifications and expiration date of the finish that is used on the printed circuit boards.

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