Q.P.I. Group B.V. changed its name to Fineline QPI

Q.P.I. Group B.V. changed its name to Fineline QPI

As from June 1, 2018 the Q.P.I. Group B.V is located at its new location in Helmond. At the same date also the name of the company is changed to Fineline QPI BV.

The new address will be Panovenweg 12, 5708 HR Helmond, the Netherlands. This new location fits perfectly the needs as due to the full integration of the QPI group within Fineline Global meanwhile the needs did change. 

To show the full integration within the Fineline group it was also decided to change the name; as from June 1, 2018 the company name will be Fineline QPI BV. 

Arjan Warnaar, CEO of Fineline QPI BV; “With the move and the name change we enter a new area for our organization. An organization that is built on 30 year experience in the PCB industry. The move to the new location and the new systems introduced some months ago will help us more than ever to support our customers with the best products and services.”

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