Information for Production Planning

Calculation of WD in case of holidays in various countries

In case of a day is a holiday in the period of the lead-time, this day will not count as a working day. The delivery time based on calendar days will thus be longer. Single holidays are not mentioned in the overview.

Europa production
Cross out day

China production
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Israel production
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25 Dec 2019 Christmas
26 Dec 2019 Christmas
27 Dec 2019 FL QPI Closed
30 Dec 2019 FL QPI Closed
31 Dec 2019 FL QPI Closed

14 Oct 2019 Sukkot 

21 Oct 2019 Shmini Atzeret/
Simchat Torah 




brexitLatest News, EU did gave the United Kingdom a new deadline for leaving the EU. The new date will be October 31, 2019. This will reduce the risk that the exit will be without an agreement causing issues with among other transport from and to the UK. 

Fineline QPIs supplier portfolio includes among other printed circuit board manufactures in the United Kingdom.In preparation of the Brexit Fineline QPI has taken measures to limit the impact.  Fineline QPI has experience with imports of materials from countries outside the European Union and uses this experience for a smooth transition. Also Fineline QPI has the processes in place to handle these imports.

Fineline QPI has in close cooperation with its manufactures investigated the supply chains for certain raw materials used in the manufacturing processes. The Brexit will have NO impact on the product composition and/or manufacturing processes for products delivered by Fineline QPI. In case of raw material import by the manufacturer Fineline QPI is working in close cooperation with his partners to reduce impact (and preferable eliminate the effect totally) of these trans-border transports.&

When appropriate the quotations of Fineline will include the anticipated additional lead-time for both raw-materials as well as dispatch times for transport from/to the United Kingdom.

In case of questions please do contact your contact person within Fineline QPI.