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Fineline QPI has a fully-equipped laboratory in Helmond (Netherlands) for testing printed circuit boards. The laboratory is not only for Fineline QPI use but may also be used to carry out projects for third parties. This could include tests and advice on the application of a PCB, an analysis of the PCB or an independent investigation when there are problems with a printed circuit board or its processing. The analysis and optimisation of both wave and reflow solder profiles is possible too. These tests can also be carried out on products that were not supplied by Fineline QPI In addition, First Article inspections can be carried out and release reports can be made.

  • Inspection of PCBs
  • ROHS issues
  • Cross sections
  • Temperature tests
  • Analysis and optimisation of reflow profiles and wave / selective solder processes


Example standard test conformity with IPC A610

X-ray of the solderjoints for voids



Example standard test conformity with A600

Dimensions of the soldermask of a PCB



Analyses in the Fineline QPI laboratories are carried out in accordance with the applicable IPC standards or in accordance with the customer specifications. Fineline QPI also has a wide network of partners that it can call on for carrying out specific tests and, as such, can guarantee a very complete range of tests and analyses.

  • General visual inspection and assessment
  • Copper thickness measurements
  • Metallic surface finish thickness measurements
  • Determination of dimensions, including press fit
Extensive tests
  • Visual inspection, optical
  • 3 D X-Ray inspection
  • SEM + EDAX tests
  • E-Corrosion tests including insulation measurements between tracks
  • Microsections – plated holes, total structure, thickness of the solder mask
  • Solderability before and after aging
  • Delamination test "solder float"
  • Corrosion tests
  • Contamination tests
  • Temperature (shock tests) / moisture tests
  • Recordings with an infrared camera
  • Analysis and optimisation of reflow profiles and wave/selective soldering processes
  • Optimisation of solder profiles for lead-free, flex-rigid etc.
  • Standard report
  • Special test report
  • Qualification  report
  • First Article Inspection report

 labTest standards in use
IPC TM650 test methods
IPC A-600 class 2
IPC A-600 class 3
Fineline QPI is an ISO9001:2015 certified company and a member of the IPC.