Technologia obwodów rozciągliwych

Printed circuit boards are not bendable and not stretchable. Flexible printed circuit boards are only bendable. But with stretchable PCB technology the printed circuit “board” is both stretchable and bendable.
As part of the EU collaborative project STELLA and in cooperation with universities and other companies, Fineline QPI has developed stretchable printed circuit boards based on SCB (Stretchable Copper Board). SCB has lots of advantages:

  • Stretchability
  • Producibility
  • Durability

With the polyurethane substrate material it’s possible to obtain a stretch of up to 30% depending on the chosen copper patterning. The SCB technology makes use of classical production techniques, making it possible to easily upscale production without heavy investment. The SCB is durable thanks to the good durability characteristics of the substrate material and the excellent copper bonding.


The unique properties of the stretchable printed circuit board makes it especially suitable for use in medical applications and in applications where mechanical decoupling is important, due to the low bending stiffness of the SCB  (E-modulus is 0,02 GPa compared to Polyimide 3,5GPa).

Further information about the use of SCB and detailed SCB specifications