Informacja techniczna

PCB finish 

finish-selectionsMaking the right choice for the finish is very important to ensure that the printed circuit board can be processed properly during the production phase. In addition, the type of finish is one of the factors that determine how long a printed circuit board can be stored before processing. As well as having different technical properties, the different types of finishes differ in price. Fineline QPI has an overview that can help to make the right choice of PCB finish.

Processing printed circuit boards

dryingIt’s a property of many of the substrate materials used that they absorb moisture. This moisture can lead to problems when soldering the board. When the printed circuit board heats up quickly the moisture vaporises. This vapour causes a high internal pressure in the printed circuit board. The more complicated the design is, the more chance there is of problems occurring due to this phenomenon. Fineline QPI  has made an overview of how the printed circuit boards should be treated to prevent this problem that can be downloaded here.