Multi layer LCP Technology

Multi layer LCP Technology

Some of the advantages offered by the LCP copper clad film include: low dielectric constant; very low moisture absorption; laser hole formation; processing similar to standard FR-4 materials; and chemical resistance.

Qstream project

The Qstream project is an European MEDEA+/CATRENE sponsored research project for ultra high data rate wireless systems in the 60GHz frequency band. The Qstream project aims at successful realization of low-cost, highly-integrated, ultra-high-data-rate streaming applications operating in the mm-wave frequency range. Complete receiver and transmitter ICs (RF and digital baseband) will be realized in CMOS technology, in addition to System-in-Package (SiP) implementations enabling mm-wave front-ends containing antenna arrays and active chips on a low-cost substrate. The validity of the chosen concepts will be demonstrated by two functional prototypes.
Other partners in the Qstream project among others: NXP semiconductors, STMicroelectronics, Institut für angewandte Funksystemtechnik (IAF),TU Kaiserslautern CEA-LETI, IMEC, Technicolor, Terahertz Communications Lab, Tu/e, CNRS
Within the project Fineline QPI (Q.P.I. Circuits B.V. at that time) has developed the production technology for LCP multilayer PCB The material is suitable for high frequencies more than 60Ghz

Benefits of a LCP PCB

  • The material is suitable for high frequencies more than 60Ghz
  • The board is bendable
  • Creation of conformity antenna

Possible applications

  • Antenna
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